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  • An open wrap with paint brushes in splatter print pockets against a pale blue lining in front of blank canvases in easels; inset photo shows rolled wrap in splatter print with wide yellow elastic wrap arounds
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Art Brush Wrap - Splatter Print

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A quilted paint brush wrap in a roll with pockets for up to 30 brushes or accessories in 16 pockets. I’ve made this from a splatter print and blue thatch cotton and added two elastic and snap button closes to secure the wrap.

Features include:

~ all cotton, reinforced and quilted for extra body, with a retaining flap 

~ open size approx 11” x 13”, rolls to an 11” long wrap with two wide elastics and snaps to close 

~ 16 pockets, 5” deep and ranging from 1/2” to 1.5” wide (most are 7/8”), for brushes and accessories up to 10” long (two average brushes would fit in most pockets)

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Package will include:

One brush wrap (excluding accessories), handmade by Michele Faulkner, Nova Scotia, Canada and shipped in eco friendly packaging.