About me

I’m an expressionist artist and sewist, living in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia Canada.

I paint and sew for my shop in my smoke free  home studio and I knit, crochet, read and keep a journal in my spare time - whilst watching Canadian wildlife from my window :)

I have painted and sewed all my life. I am inspired by what I see and how I view the world, usually in vivid colour! I express this in bright and cheerful art using archival quality materials.

Designs for my sewing are also visualized first before I make my own patterns.

I choose fabric collections based on its appeal to me, the designer’s curation and product quality. I then make beautiful and practical things that you need for your pastimes, hobbies, and to gift to others.

In my art I use archival paints and inks and enjoy creating small pieces of artwork that start a conversation!

If my painting and sewing can bring enjoyment to others then that’s my measure of success :)