A partially made bag in dark blue with orange foxes on and orangey plaid straps is shown on a cutting mat

Being creative with your mood

Before I create I always start by eyeing up my paints or ingredients - or in this example my fabrics - to see what reflects my mood at the time. Here’s why.

If I open the fridge and my eye is caught by lemons I know I have to make curd or pie and my enthusiasm helps me focus on flavour to produce something yummy. 

If my eye is caught by aquas when I open my paint draw then it’s likely going to be seas and skies that I paint, blending blues and teals into clouds and waves that evoke memories of summer.

When my latest fabrics arrived these foxes captivated me the instant I pulled them from the wrapping, positively driving my creativity, lifting my mood and inspiring me to sew. I went with it and immediately pulled out other fabrics that I thought would work with them until I found the combination that made me say ‘yes’!

This is the process I embrace because when my creations reflect my mood or I allow an impact to drive my creation, I do my very best work ☺️


~ go with how you feel, not what you feel you ‘should’ do

~ if your mood means you don’t feel like creating anything on a given day then don’t and if your brain is buzzing with too many thoughts then walk away and come back to it

~ if something lifts your mood and sparks a creative process, go with it!

Enjoy what you do ☺️