A purple chocolate gift box is shown filled with teal flecked yarn next to a smile pile of grey and pink fabrics on a cutting mat

Lazy days and a purple box

I had a tough choice for my first project of the New Year - use the yarn I was gifted to make a top or use the fabric I had bought to make into a new bag design I’ve been mulling over. The yarn won!

I mean it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I’ve been feeling lazy (as usual) and i can crochet on the sofa so …. !

But what about the purple box I hear you ask? Well I have a lot of project bags and yarn bowls but this purple gift box, now empty of chocolates (I took one for the team haha), is perfect for storing these Aran skeins upright - enabling me to centre pull them more easily.

Tip ~ handles on gift boxes are great for feeding yarn in colour work projects or for storing and feeding ribbons for crafts. If you don’t have one you can always get yourself a nice box of chocolates to eat and hey presto! 

Wishing you all the laziness you would like to have as I muster enthusiasm to make my new bag designs into patterns and finished pieces.