A smart watch with blue paisley cotton print is shown on a cream background

Creative with time

I’ve seen a lot of requests on social media for crafting ideas - sometimes an idea is closer than we think! For me, the answer to ‘what to make next’ was staring me in the face!

I have ‘prettied up’ cases and pouches and storage for my most used items whilst wearing the thing that needed the most attention.

My smart watch strap needed constant cleaning and was boring. I solved the issue with pretty washable cotton straps.

I bought some cheapie straps online for my smart phone to get the proper metal attachments and then fashioned my own cotton straps in the same size.

They are comfy, washable, breathable and can easily be changed up for the season. Result!


~ for the length, each strap needs to go around your wrist with an overlap for fastening. You also need to allow enough to turn in about 1/2” on each end plus another 1” to go through the bar and get stitched in place

~ for the width, cut approx 4x the width of the connecting bar so that (after turning in the ends) you can fold each long edge into the middle, then fold again before top stitching each edge together

~ feed the straps through the bars and top stitch the return (approx 3/4”) securely in place 

~ I used snap buttons for my fastenings but you could also stitch or glue on a piece of Velcro or use magnet buttons

~ it’s a good idea to mock up straps with scrap cotton and loose stitching to get the fit and design just right for you

Enjoy your creative time!