Organising stuff!

Organising stuff!

I am determined to get more organised before I start my new projects so combining creativity with practicality I used some spare lilac, white and cream yarns to crochet myself a rectangle bag with a flat base for my iPad, kindle and notebooks.

I’ve had too many mishaps, lugging this pile from room to room but with this bespoke bag my collection of essentials can go from nightstand to sofa, coffee table to floor, with ease!

I made the bag by crocheting a base to fit a magazine my and then came up the sides for the height i wanted for my iPad, e.reader and notebooks. I did decreases in the ends to shape it in. I made the handles by crocheting a chain to the handle size I wanted and then crocheted back into the previous row to reconnect. A few more rows finishes it off nicely. 

Tip: for a nice ridge on the base before coming up the sides, do a row of Back Post Crochet. I find either single or half double crochet throughout to be a nice tight stitch and by using several strands of yarn together you can get a thick sturdy bag.

I wish you fun with your own creative projects!

~ Michele ~