A pie with apple slices decoratively arranged in a ring on a cake filling is shown on a cooling rack on a dark grey granite counter

Creative pies - or cakes!

Today I was creative in the kitchen for a change and feeling in the mood for an apple pie - or an apple cake - I decided to combine the two! 

I made a gluten free pastry crust using a mix of gluten free flour and almond flour with a spoonful of icing/confectioners sugar and egg to bind. 

After baking it blind I filled it with a 2 egg Victoria Sponge mix and then decoratively arranged thinly sliced apples.


~ I glazed the apples (I used McIntosh variety) with a drizzle of warm/lightly diluted maple syrup followed by a sprinkle of brown sugar 

~ I baked blind for 20 mins followed by 30-40 mins with the cake mix and apples (all at 350f)

~ You can use your own favourite pie crust recipe (or buy one) and any 2 egg cake mix that works for you